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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Mode =)

Hari Raya Festival is a part of festival in this Malaysia.Hari Raya Festival refer to the celebration for breaking of fasting.In a Muslim calender,Aidilfitri is celebrate in Syawal's month.First of syawal,all muslim cannot fasting..Dont ask me why.If u dont know,slap urself and ask ur parents.

Act,i would like to update this topic before Raya.I mean,29 of Ramadhan..But,its due to the fucking laptop that makes a lot of problem,internet mcm siput babi & of course because im sleepy..Hehehe,x larat la nk menaip.

So guys,hows about ur fasting month?terawih,sahur..Oh man,i really miss it..And of course,Bazar !hehehe,i likes to waste my time here..eventough there is no thing to buy,i still go there..Sajo nak mengurut kaki..hehehe,

for those guys who are not complete 29 days of fasting..Please dont ask for Duit Raya !muahahaha,

Ok la,i dont want to waste my time,just want to wish u all ; Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri,Maaf Zahir dan Batin..Dr ujung rmbt,hinggalah ke ujung kaki..Maafkan lah aku la ek..maaf zahir dan batin tu yg penting tu..

talk about PMR,there are only 2 weeks from now ! im not cover about 4 subjects yet (hok iyolah tu ).hehehe,nvm ! Wish for me that i can do the best than ever !hohoho.

About my raya moment,i will update another topic..Ok?tak sabo nk menunjuk baju melayu aku yg gah gitu.hehehe,


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