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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The day before PMR !

If u know that tomorrow is ur death day,what u will do the day before ? If u know that a group of people want to attack u,what u will do ?

And of course,ur answer should be nervous,scared and anything that show u are in a critical condition..and whats ur prearation ?

This is what i feel now ! Chop chop,can u please check my countdown timer please..No need to open the another bar,just scroll down and see how many days leave..

Its blurr right ? No countdown timer..Mean,PMR is live now ! If u still want to count it..Better u count in minutes to make it longer...Hahaha,

Back to the main topic..Seriously,im too shaken ! I dont know whats my preparation..I just ask myself,if question ask me like this,what should i asnwer..Then,there is no idea ! Dont know how to answer..

If u see my previous result,its ok kan?ade la high sikit..Its due to the soalan bocor..My teachers gave me.Oh,novel kuar ni..Just direct.Classmate ak ape ag?balik umah,study r..Now,there is no soalan bocor anymore..

Puan Rohaiza told me,the question paper will send to all school with guard..And the question put in the locker..The head prefect MUST tear the question paper in front of the candidates..One of them must sign as prove that the question is open during exam.If no sign,mean the question already bocor..

Hei guys,im BG029K001..yes,001..the first person..Maybe i will sign..Hahaha,gonna be famous..Bengong ~

Today,my school has own programme that only for Form 3 student..It is arranging the hall,the position of us..yeahh,im sit in front..A bit shaken b'coz infront of head prefect..Ak pandang dia,dia pon pandang ak..Ya Rabbi,nk jawab pon menggigil..

I tought that i will sit beside the door..But,im lucky..I sit opposite to the door..yeahh,there is no distruption..I can focus 100%.If im bored,just see at outside lah..

Then,got speech from the Head of the organization ; S/U PMR,Guru SPBT,Guru Disiplin,GPK HEM,Pengetua..Its about the rule in hall & during exam..Its really bored ! Bontot ni mcm kena cucuk je..Hahaha, b'coz sun start to shine.

After that,the last AGENDA ; Program Mohon Restu..Ticer Fazlin was there ! Alahaii,lepas ni x boleh la belajar sama2 kan?hahahaha,boddoh ! (dengung sikit kt 'd' tu)

Ticer,maybe today is the last day i learn from u..Thanks very much ! I really like ur style..Like ur smile,like ur teaching skills..WOW ! I can focus while u teach than previous teacher..Hahaha,dh buat nasi minyak nnti..jangan lupa jemput saya ! nnti sy buat persembahan silat..Tau tau ! hehehe, *amboi menggatai*

Pastu,g Mid-Art..beli pensil satu kotak..Mahal tau,lagi pat posen,terus 10 hinggit..Then,balik.Terus online..Awl gak balik,dlm 12.20 sbb agenda td abis awl..hohohoh..

Alhamdulillah,ak dh siap dah kot..Pensil dh beli semua,pen dah cukup.pemadam ak beli 3 auw.Luaran dh prepare,dalaman mcm mana pulak?hahaha,

Ok la,nothing to say..Wish me luck in my PMR.Wish i can score 8A in my PMR..If i make a mistake with u ,i really sorry k ! Doakan kejayaan aku..Kalau malas sgt,baca ni ;

Al-Fatihah ; 1x
Qul huallah uahad ; 3x
Al-fallaq & An-nas ; 1x

I think,its good enough..Sbb korang baca tuh seakan-akan doa auw..Korang mcm suruh tuhan buka hati..Dlm dewan nnti,ak rasa mmg x cukup masa utk berdoa..Yg cukup pon masa first sblm kertas dimulakan.Pastu lepas mula,dh xde masa..kalau baca,masa mcm x cukup..

Korang tolong2 la ek..Boleh dikatan setiap hari periksa sampai petang..Cuma 2 hari je smpi kol 11 cenggitu..X ke penat tu?evertime perah otak..

X pe,bak kata org,nak g perang kannn.Kena la bermati-matian...Jom kita Jihad ! " Allah hu akbar ! "
Anyway, Selamat Menduduki PMR ! For those are pmr candidates..Do ur best !

" Ni la kelas ak..Its not bad kan?Tgk la skarang,mcm tongkah pecah ! "

P/s ; See my grammar..Berterabur kan?Ha,ni la PMR candidates !hahaha,


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