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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The month of December.


The month of December already come ! Oh Nooo ! This month made me notice that the year 2009 will end soon ! That mean,the school gonna start back and Im,must face back the book..Ceit,igt dah merdeka dah ?

Seriously,i think lah..Everything will happen from this month..The main agenda will be rolling here ! yess,I mean ;

The announcement of PMR's result !

The thing that i think most people hate.Ya of course r..All feelings are here!

Nervous ? Did i get A for all subjects ?
Sad ? Will i leave our school and straight to the boarding school?
Happy ? yeahh,aku dah besarr ! Lepas ni focus SPM lak.
Proud ? PMR dah lepas la wei.Kesian adik2 kita dok menumpu subjek PMR

Oh No ! i already forgot what i already whining for my composition..herghh,8A ke aku nihh ?

Last but not least.My age will be sharp 15 years old by 17/12.La,baru nak smbt birthday ke ? Sian sian ! Wth ? Dah aku kuar lambat dr perut,nak buat mcm mana ? But i dont care about it..Apa yang penting ? Syukur syukur ! =) Im tell here,no for gift at all (nak tuh,mesti lah nakk !)..But i just want something special from u guys ! *Woot woot,ape benda la tu ek ?* Anyway,for those who want to give a gift..Just give la,i just accept *sape la nak bagi ?*..For those just wish me,its okey and really appreciate it..Igt jugak kan korang kt birthday aku ? Thank u thank u !

Not only that lah..Many things to do..Preparation for the next school ? Preparation for SPM's course ? Lagi lagi ? *Lu pikir lah sendiri..Tak larat dah aku nak pikir !*

Okey..For overall,i think this is the best year that i had..This year already train myself what is the meaning by L.I.F.E and also M.A.T.U.R.I.T.Y =) The PMR's examination already taught me what is the meaning by student..And whats student's job..PMR lah make me so nerd ! Haha,*evil laugh*

Oh Farith ! U are getting so matured ! Kamu dah besar rupanya ? Banyak tanggungjawab yg harus kamu pikul!dan kamu perlu tempuh banyak lagi ujian ! tabah ye farith ... *Haha,x malu puji diri sendiri !*


Balqis Azhar said...

lawak ahh ,
pic "alamakk,desember ?"

Ahmad Farith said...

Eh,silap lar
"December ? Alamak !"
Bkn alamak,december..
terbalik tuhh.

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