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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making a gay dance!what the hell?sumpah aku geli gila.

today was a bad day for me.i have a lot of problem but i want to solve it by myself.not my parents and friends.but myself and also ALLAH.

today,im very tired because i got back from Perak.my family was slept on a bed but i still in front of laptop,ape lagi?online la!

then,i sign in myspace!perghhh,all my friend are not online!maybe study and maybe sleep!hahahaha,quite bored lah!

ahaa,hows about i watch some an air-craft?then,i search it.then,i click and click and click,i found this stupid video.x tau dpt dr mana.bodoh nak mampus!aku tgk pon dah geli gila babi dah!sapa buat,mmg dah kena rembat dlm neraka.

so guys,if u watch it.please dont see his body,see his movement!hahahaha,

p/s ; x de maknenye aku nak tiru dia ok?nak teberak aku tgk!


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